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Forecast for Unknown Site (83.713 W 42.273 N)

Icon Definition

Icon Meaning Technical Definition
Clear Total cloud cover less than 20%
Partly Cloudy Total cloud cover between 20%-80%
Cloudy Total cloud cover over over 80%
Rain Rain
Snow Snow
Thunderstorm Lifted Index less than -5
Thunderstorm with rain Lifted Index less than -5 with rain

For more details, please refer to the Wiki.

Getting the forecast thumbnail on your website

Here is the snippet to include the forecast thumbnail of this location on your website:

Machine-readable API

7Timer! offers machine-readable API in XML and JSON format. The points of access of this location are:


Check the Wiki for a detailed explanation of the packets returned.

Term of Use

This service is provided as-is. Feel free to use it as you like. There is no need to ask me for permission if you want to put the forecast thumbnail on your website or use the data for your software (free or paid). I would certainly appreciate a note if you like it, or if you have any suggestions or comments. Issues and suggestions can be suggested through the GitHub Issue Tracker.

Find a Location by Coordinates

If you have already know the coordinate of the location you want to query, you can use this form to get to the forecast page. Coordinates must be input as "dd.ddd/-dd.ddd", like "113.190,23.094 or -113.190,-23.094", with precision up to 0.001.

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